The 4th lustrum of Asset | Strategy & Logistics

In October 2015, Asset | Strategy & Logistics is celebrating its 20th birthday! The theme of the lustrum will be Forever Young. Are you curious about the program of the lustrum week? Stay updated via our website!

Forever Young

The Lustrum Committee of Asset | Strategy & Logistics choose Forever Young as the theme for the the upcoming lustrum week in Ocotober 2015. Our association is young and this is of course a good thing. It keeps us innovative, creative and flexible. Therefore, we would like to see that Asset | Strategy & Logistics keeps a young spirit. And of course, the committee members themselves also like to stay young. Who does not want to be forever young?



Ever felt the need to listen to songs from your youth? We have created a playlist for you. If we miss a song, let us know.
Find the playlist below or click here.


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